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Tuscan Crostini

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Bread, salami and livers… but not only

Lardo di Colonnata

Lardo di Colonnata is a sausage with a Protected Geographical Indication typical of the homonymous village in the Apuan Alps, part of the municipality of Carrara. Colonnata lard is produced with pork lard seasoned in Carrara marble basins.

Appetizer Showcase Tuscany

Tuscan ham, Tuscan salami, finocchiona, wild boar sausage, wild boar salami, Tuscan pecorino cheese, soprassata, lard from colonnata, Tuscan crostini.

Fresh pasta
Ravioli Nuts and Speck

A delicate and spicy first course, suitable for the atmosphere of joy and serenity typical of the holidays.

Mugello potato tortelli

The potato tortello was born as a poor dish: the filling becomes potatoes with the collection of the first potatoes sown in the mid-1800s. In fact, this filling becomes an alternative to that of chestnuts, known and harvested fruit…